Your website is the door to potential online clients through internet searches. Our website creator packages start at $200 and include free updates for the first 3 months.

Get your website noticed on over 120 search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Your website will allow your businesses location to be easily found on any map.

Get your business located online within 24 hours. Includes links to FaceBook, Twitter, Trip Adivsor, Yelp and Google Reviews.

Have potential clients contact you with your own personal e-mail address linked into your website.  

​Sell y​our products through your website using PayPal, Visa, AmEx and MC.

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So you have your website all set up and your getting found in searches but that does not seem to be enough to increase your sales.  Below are some options we offer that you may want to consider.  Please contact us for quote based on your interests.

One way to get customers on the Web is to get search engines such as Google to help you. Unlimited Key Words analyzes the content on your site then picks key words and phrases from that search to increase your website traffic. There is no guarantee that you will be found every time you search. Your site will be placed in rotation with other websites using the same service so your visibility is based on the demand of your product and the amount of traffic at that time.

Web Listings gets your business listed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and over 100+ other sites where ready-to-buy customers looking in your city are searching for products and services that you offer. The more sites your listed with, the better you’ll show up on searches and the greater your chances of stranding out from the competition.  

This process also includes key words and phrases picked by search engines as used in Unlimited Key Words.  Your number of registered search engines is always above 100. This figure can not be specific since registered search engines show up and shut down on a daily basis.


SEO will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process. It’s impossible to track where Google, Yahoo and Bing will place you based on their guidelines and algorithm (HTML code), however, they have worked for others and I believe they will work for you too. These services also “validate” your site, making the internet aware that you are a serious business and not just a “set it and forget it” website. For the strongest results it’s recommended that you use all the options below at one time. If that’s not in your budget you can always pick and choose the best tools for your purpose.

A Sitemap is basically the “table of contents” to your website. It’s purpose is for search engines to find you quicker based on the order of your pages, content and their location. It is created, updated and submitted on a weekly basis due to the everchanging algorithms and guidelines Google, Bing and Yahoo apply to their search engines on a daily basis. It’s also the best “hacker repelent and tracker validator” I know ; )

Loosely defined, any time someone mentions your company on their website, that’s a citation. You might also call it a reference, shout out, or mention, but in SEO-speak it’s a citation. Some examples of citations might include a listing on an online phone directory, charity or the member page of a chamber of commerce or other industry associations. Citations don’t include links to your site, just your contact information. The objective is to increase your visibility online and increase your ranking.

How it works. Once the created code is submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing, a link to your website will be randomly placed on various websites of those that pertain to your business. For example; I’m on the website reading an article in the “Lifestyle Outdoor” section. Suddently I see a link to your website and think, “That would be a great idea”. Or, let’s say I’m in London checking out the local tourist websites for this area to get ideas. Then I notice a link to your website and think, “Let’s book it”. Due to the randomness and number of participating websites, this service can only be tracked by the number of calls and sales you receive. If your calls and sales don’t increase, then it’s not working. You need to give this service at least a month to start working with a minimum of 3 months for the service.

You know those ads you see when you do a search? On Google they are placed on the top and the right. Each time you click on one of these ads, the company that has placed it is charged anywhere from $1 to $10 depending on the product and location. That is why it’s called “pay per click” and it’s very unpredictable. As a result an investment of $75 through Google AdWords and Google AdSense can go very quickly. Instead we offer a service that provides a minimum of 30,000 impressions a month to “targeted users” for a flate rate cost of $75 a month. We target users by their location and category. An “Impression” is the amount of times your ad is seen weather or not they click on it. This includes monthly reporting and NO “pay per click” fees. It’s strongly advised to offer some sort of discount/coupon to encourage the viewer to take advantage of your services. It’s much cheaper than placing printed advertising!

We will create a “Google” style ad that will be included in over 150 million searches per month. Your ad will appear on the first page of search results at least 1 out of every 3 times your service is searched. Your ad will be posted witin 48 hours. No “pay per click” fees. This service does not target users based on their online profiles, only by what they are putting in their search engines.

This service gets your ads displayed to 100,000 targeted Facebook users per month. There is no “pay per click” on this service. A monthly report is generated of the number of clicks your ads receive. The main advantage of advertising on Facebook is that we can target your ads to a very specific audience. With the extensive profiles Facebook has built on its users, we can deliver your ads to specific demographics including gender and location. This profiling cannot presently be matched by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This service will drive 40 new fans to your page each month. This is important because having higher numbers makes your Facebook page seem credible for anyone else who is looking to become a fan of your page. This service works best with our Facebook “Likes” Generator.

The number of “likes” you have on your FaceBook page is important to your popularity online and therefore, important to your ranking. Strong visibility on FaceBook is very helpful since most of us use Facebook to plan our trips and social engagements. This service is intended to build a strong base, slowly, of up to 40 “likes” a month. You won’t notice any results until you reach over 500 “likes” since anything over that number is the valid rate set by Facebook.

The purpose of banner ads it to attract more visitors to your website. It’s always best to offer some sort of discount/coupon to attract them to click on the banner to access your site. This service provides 5,000 banner impressions per month. This is a great way to get only serious buyers to look at your site. Even better NO “pay per click” fees.

Searches on mobile devices is more popular than ever. The objective is having a site that loads quickly on a mobile device and is easy to navigate. This is important because you don’t want to frustrate the person into viewing another option.
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